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Croatian Scientists’ special celebration of Mathematics of Planet Earth year

While many universities, higher institutions of research and other organizations the world over have collectively embarked on the preparations of celebrating 2013 as an important year for the Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE), scientists from Croatia have come up with a strategic project that will see awareness of such an important year raised efficiently. A […]

Scientists Try to Match People with Organs by Outsmarting the Immune System

In 1954, surgeons were able to successfully do the first human organ transplant. After that, surgeons are faced with a problem involving this operation. This problem is where can they get more organs? Since then, medical researchers have found a way how to do transplant on the eyes, hearts, and even the entire face. But […]

Hubble Directly Observes the Disk Around a Black Hole

International scientists have observed a black hole swallowing up a quasar accretion disc. The quasar disc is approximately 100-300 billion kilometers across and is identified by its brightly glowing matter. Although the disc lays billions of light-years away from Earth, the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope was recently used in an innovative way to observe phenomena […]