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The historic life of Marco De Dominis

Marco Antonio de Dominis was born in 1566 on the island of Rab, Croatia. Prior to attending the Society of Jesus, he enrolled in various education institutions such as university of Padua and the Illyrian college. De Dominis made huge strides in his education rising above the fray to become a leading mathematician. He was […]

Zagreb School to represent Croatia at International Science Competition in Turkey

A school from Zagreb will be representing Croatia at the international science competition to be held in Turkey. The 22nd edition of the International Research Projects Competition, which is one of the best scientific high school contests in the world, is organised by MEF Educational Institution. The aim of the competition is to attract young […]

Andrija Mohorovicic

Andrija Mohorovicic was born in 1857 in Volosca and died in 1936. He studied in Prague and later taught for nine years at the Nautical School in Bakar. In 1892 was appointed director of the Meteorological Observatory in Zagreb. After a few years he taught at the University of Zagreb, and towards the end of […]

Seeing the errors of our ways

If you read scientific reports closely, you will come across words such as error and uncertainty. What do they mean? If a teacher tells you that you made an error on a test, then you got something wrong. In everyday language, that’s what error often means – a mistake. In science, the word error means […]