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Milislav Demerec

Milislav Demerec was born in Kostajnica, Croatia and later graduated from Krizevci Agricultural College. After shortly working with the center’s experimental center, he went to America and furthered his studies gaining a genetics PhD certification from Cornell College. Demerec’s field of concentration was based on overall structure and also functions of these body parts, particularly the […]

‘Hot hand’ not so hot

Many basketball fans believe in a ‘hot hand’, where a player has a really great game, and they are likely to make every shot they try for. Researchers from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem decided to investigate this ‘hot hand’ idea. In basketball, you get more points if you shoot for the hoop from far […]

Understanding of anesthesia in bees jet lag

One of the commonly used isoflurane anesthesia has been found to make bees have jet lag during the day. Guy Warman, a chronobiologist at the university of Auckland New Zealand reported that isoflurane anesthesia plays a role in the body rhythms as part of the biological clocks. This concept can be demonstrated by doing experiments […]

Internet Terrorism

In some of the darker places that exist on the Internet, extremists from all over the world have been planning and discussing terrorist acts. New tools that use crawling techniques, human expertise and sophisticated algorithms are making it possible for experts to gain access to these areas of the web in an effort to predict […]

Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs byte.

Bedbugs are tiny insects that approach you when you are asleep at night in your bed. They creep into your bed and make contact with your body. They crawl across your skin and the hairs on your body for a while before they insert their proboscis into your skin and through your flesh so that […]