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Zagreb School to represent Croatia at International Science Competition in Turkey

A school from Zagreb will be representing Croatia at the international science competition to be held in Turkey. The 22nd edition of the International Research Projects Competition, which is one of the best scientific high school contests in the world, is organised by MEF Educational Institution. The aim of the competition is to attract young […]

Croatian Scientists’ special celebration of Mathematics of Planet Earth year

While many universities, higher institutions of research and other organizations the world over have collectively embarked on the preparations of celebrating 2013 as an important year for the Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE), scientists from Croatia have come up with a strategic project that will see awareness of such an important year raised efficiently. A […]

Judith Reisman in Croatia

Judith Reisman visited Croatia, we weren’t there to watch and listen to this “scientists” lecture live but we are bringing you this video from YouTube.

Milislav Demerec

Milislav Demerec was born in Kostajnica, Croatia and later graduated from Krizevci Agricultural College. After shortly working with the center’s experimental center, he went to America and furthered his studies gaining a genetics PhD certification from Cornell College. Demerec’s field of concentration was based on overall structure and also functions of these body parts, particularly the […]

Croatia and Germany, a common future within Europe

In the Conference Hall of the Croatian Chamber of Economy yesterday, His Excellency Dr. Bernd Fischer, who is an Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Croatia presented a lecture titled The Common Future of Germany and Croatia within Europe. In this lecture which was attended by senior and prominent members of diplomatic, scientific […]

A look at the research situation in Croatia

Croatia has quite a number of institutions of higher learning. The country has Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Osijek and Pula as its seven public universities, an astounding 30 polytechnics (private and public) and 6 centres of technology. The public institutes in the country add up to a total of 25. Of all the mentioned […]

Croatia’s contribution to medicine

Croatia located in central European covers approximately 56,590 square kilometers and is nestled at the crossroads of the Balkans, the Mediterranean and Central Europe with a population of about 4.30 million people with Zagreb as its largest city. The history of Croatia dates back to the 7th century when Croats arrived and settled in what […]