Paleolithic ceramics discovered in Croatia

ceramics Ceramic artifacts believed to have been made during the last Ice age have been found in Croatia. This discovery puts in doubt current ceramic histories. According to most historians, early man began developing ceramic art in the Neolithic era around ten millennia ago. The discovery of these artefacts has caused researchers and historians alike to re-examine ancient history. This could probably mean that early man, though unsettled at that time, had mastered the ceramic art way before pottery gained popularity.

The artifacts were found in the Adriatic coast at a place called Vela Spila. This area has been a good hunting ground for archaeologists since 1950. Mesolithic and Neolithic artifacts have been excavated here since archaeologists began looking for them. Though evidence of human existence has been found in Vela Spila, no ceramic artifacts dating beyond 10000 BC has ever been excavated. That is, until now. Preston Miracle, a researcher at Cambridge University, says that it is very rare for such prehistoric ceramic art to be found.

Researchers believe that the thirty six pieces are broken pieces of modeled animals. Archaeologists hypothesize that the artists of these artifacts were an art loving culture that lived in that area around 18 millennia ago. They are believed to have existed for 2500 years before they disappeared. Unlike today where ceramics are mostly used to make crockery, ceramics in the Neolithic and Mesolithic ages were used by early man as an artistic way expressing themselves. Miracle said that in light of this new evidence, ceramics could have been invented in the Paleolithic era. He added that ceramics also existed in the Neolithic but only for artistic purposes. It was only recently (in historical terms) that ceramics got practical uses and it coincided with the advent of pottery. According to historical records, the use of ceramic art since the last Ice age has been on and off and is why the artifacts are so diverse.

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