Manned Mission to Mars


Since humans first stepped out of Africa, the hunger to explore the world we live in became a journey that would not stop at planet Earth. The desire to go further resulted in the many Moon landings as well as the first man stepping on another celestial body. This was a massive achievement for the human race and with that began the next step in the evolution and the discovery of the unknown.

Man walking on the Moon amazed the world but now a Dutch company want’s to go one step further and take man to the red planet via a mission named Mars One. Talks are abound that not only do they want to get man to the red planet but also begin a permanent colony. The mission has recently moved closer to fruition when it was announced that sponsors had offered up funding. Mars One had planned to raise its own funding by airing a TV event of it’s pending mission which could begin as early as 2013.

Now with secured sponsorship money the mission is moving along in the right direction. The sponsorship has been promised by a conglomerate of Dutch and Australian companies who also have the vision and belief that one day this unbelievable mission will be realized.

The ambitious mission aims to start with robotic missions, then the plan is to propel man to Mars by 2023 when the colonization can begin. If the project doesn’t get delayed by any unforeseen problems then maybe this projection really can be achieved. The estimated cost is thought to be around $6 Billion to land four humans on Mars, the initial sponsorship funds will be utilized for the design stage of the components needed for such a gigantic and momentous task. Red one announced that one space components supplier is already on board and are now in talks to take the project forward.

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