Croatian Scientists’ special celebration of Mathematics of Planet Earth year

While many universities, higher institutions of research and other organizations the world over have collectively embarked on the preparations of celebrating 2013 as an important year for the Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE), scientists from Croatia have come up with a strategic project that will see awareness of such an important year raised efficiently. A group of scientists has taken the task of raising such awareness in four cities across the country. This project aims at raising more awareness and in the end lure the younger population to this important event.

The group of scientists that will create the awareness is led by Franka Miriam Brückler (Department of Mathematics, University of Zagreb, Croatia). According to these scientists, their aim will be raising awareness in four major cities. They will visit the cities, educate and hopefully attract the younger generation for topics such as “Snow White and the seven crystal systems”, “Gambling,crime, earthquakes and football”, “Tricks, ropes, beakers, molecules”, among many others through lectures, exhibitions and workshops. By so doing, the Croatian scientists hope to attract many participants to the celebration of this event as a way of marking its significance.

Apart from the scientists, other project co-organizers are Aquis, Professor Balthazar, the French Institute as well as the NGO Creatom. According to the project organizers, all exhibitions are scheduled to be held all Alliance Francaise premises. The project is scheduled to commence in Osijek which is located in the eastern part of Croatia on 24th to 25th April. The next city they will visit is Split in the southern part of the country on 5th of May. The better part of the project will be in Zagreb, with Mireille Chaleyat-Maurel, a professor atParis-Descartes University being the chief guest. It will be held 15th-16th September. The fourth and last station to visit is Rijeka, located in Wetern Croatia, during the month of October.