Zagreb School to represent Croatia at International Science Competition in Turkey

A school from Zagreb will be representing Croatia at the international science competition to be held in Turkey. The 22nd edition of the International Research Projects Competition, which is one of the best scientific high school contests in the world, is organised by MEF Educational Institution. The aim of the competition is to attract young science talent and encourage them to be future scientists. The competition gives the students an opportunity to showcase their scientific temperament and ideas by way of working models and projects. The projects may be prepared individually by a student or may be prepared as a group consisting of a maximum of two students and a teacher. The competition is open to all high school students in Turkey and abroad. The competition which will be held from the 7th of May to the 10th of May 2013, will host 120 students from Turkey and another 45 students from international high schools from across the globe.

Various projects will participate in the competition on varying topics like sustainable energy and energy saving systems, technologies for waste water cleaning and reuse, window cleaning robots, etc. The projects encompass many different fields like nature, healthcare and cosmetics, technology, etc. The organisers place emphasis on the originality of the projects and stipulate that the projects should not have participated in any other competitions.

The Competition in International Research Projects has made rapid progress from having the participation of ten students and four teachers with four projects, in the year 2001. The competition is gaining popularity and world attention. In a way it is more of a summit in international science rather than a school competition.

This year’s competition will have entries from twenty five different countries. A total of twenty seven projects developed by international students will participate at the competition. The participating countries are Thailand, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, Canada, Dubai, Croatia, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Kosovo, Northern Cyprus, Macedonia, Russia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Sweden, Turkmenistan and Ukraine.

İbrahim Arıkan, Ph.D who is credited with the founding of MEF Schools in Turkey, stated that the future scientists feel honoured at representing the countries and will gain an opportunity to meet and interact with other high school students representing different places around Turkey, with the unifying purpose being the development of science. They are provided a platform from which they can present their grand science projects which aim at solving some of the world’s present as well as anticipated future problems.

Croatia’s entry in the competition is a project prepared by the students studying at the XV High School in Zagreb. It was selected from among many scientific projects from all over the world.

For effective judging of the projects, the projects will be segregated into various categories. The categories include chemistry, biology and physics. The jury comprises of distinguished academicians from universities. Students and teachers presenting winning entries are awarded cash prizes to encourage them in their scientific pursuits. Besides these special jury prizes and encouragement prizes are also awarded. Every student will carry away a memento as a remembrance of the competition and a lot of happy memories.