All about involvement of math in architecture

So you want to build a house, or a structure (say a theater), how do you go on about it? Other than acquiring the raw materials like cement, wood and steel you hire an architect to design the blueprint of the structure. This blueprint is the very thing that defines all about how you live which involves a surprising amount of creativity and math. To some architects this creativity comes naturally, however maths is a skill that can be acquired by all and is of great importance to architects. So how does designing a house involve math?


A building is a shelter for people, so its every builder’s and architects responsibility that the designs are safe so that the structure doesn’t collapse when people move in. These designs are made inch perfect in blueprints and are not compromised at all. When making this blueprint, every architect must take correct measurements and must have good geometrical skills. Also if the structure is in a earthquake or storm prone zone then they must keep those considerations in mind and must have a fair knowledge of fluid mechanics and static equilibrium (which again involves a lot of math) to make the structure disaster proof or as safe as possible in order to minimize potential damage.


Everyone likes a big and classy house but due to monetary limitations we are often not able to get that pristine home that everyone will talk about.

Architects do the work of converting a limited space into an apparently voluminous place to live. They try to take the measurements of the thickness of walls, cut down on hallways and increasing the carpet area. It is also an added premium to builders if they could get more sunlight into the rooms and have new and legendary designs. For this purpose many modern mathematical concepts like partial derivatives, differential equations, and multiple integrals are used. These concepts are then embedded into a ‘3D printer’ with computer software(for eg. CAD) which calculates the user declared measurements and gives a small dummy structure so that the builder can show his customers what they should expect from him. The use of advanced mathematical concepts like complex functions and integrals are used to predict the flow of air inside the structure and thus set an adequate heating or cooling system inside the structure.


Maths plays another important role as a financial planner for builders. It gives a fair view of how much material would be used, how much manpower is required, till what depth should we dig the foundation, etc. As said earlier, creative designs which add premium to the structure involve a lot of brainstorming sessions with seasoned mathematicians. It requires a very high amount of precision and attention to detail to calculate the costs and also keep those calculated costs as a benchmark so that the budget doesn’t rise exponentially in execution.

Thus we hope that it is very clear by reading this article that how does designing a house involve math. Enjoy reading.