The Qatar Science & Technology Park gets a visit from Croatian President

The president of the republic of Croatia, his Excellency Dr. Ivo Josipovic was yesterday on an official visit to the Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP). The president took an extensive tour of the facilities at QSTP and his visit was part of the wider tour. The president is on an official tour of the state of Qatar.

The president was accompanied by his wife on this official tour of the facility. High-ranking officials from his country also flanked his Excellency, President Josipovic, while he toured Qatar Science & Technology Park. The delegation was made up of a thirty-member squad of political and economical officials plus various members of the Croatian press.

President I. Josipovic, accompanied by his official delegation from Croatia, also toured the Qatar Robotic Surgery Centre (QRSC). This particular center is well known for being a leader when it comes to robotic surgery development, training, and simulation. The president and the delegation showed tremendous interest in the possibility of cooperation blossoming with the many major healthcare facilities that are in Croatia.

The president and his official delegation also passed by the premises of the Williams F1 team. Here President Josipovic and his delegation discussed with the management on their various experiences in Qatar. They also spoke about membership to the Qatar Science & Technology Park, and the various benefits that they get from being in such a great position, to make use of the applied research and technology developed and formulated by the Qatar Science & Technology Park.

Dr Josipovic gave his impressions latter after visiting the Qatar Science & Technology Park. In his remarks he said,”I am truly happy about this company for the wonderful things that have achieved unique and different models of international collaborations, including work of organizations such as QSTP.

He said that Croatia was very interested in engaging actively in many of the initiatives that he had seen in the various places he had toured. He said that Croatia was very keen on sending its researchers and scientists to learn from the Qatar experiences. He praised the method and way that Qatar has been able to invest heavily in the future generations. He said that Qatar has make to wisely deploy the various resources from the hydrocarbon sources into the brightening of the future’s generations.

The Managing Director of Qatar Science & Technology Park, Hamad Al Kuwari, had some comments about the official high delegation visit of the Croatian officials. He said that the Qatar Science & Technology Park was honored to have hosted such distinguished guest from Croatia. He also said that Qatar was honored to have the president of Croatia visit their country. He talked of the pride he had that such a young corporation was able to accomplish so much.

He said that Qatar Science & Technology Park was very happy to display the various milestones they had been able to achieve. He said they were proud and happy to share with the world the accomplishments that they had made. He said the institution had a clear commitment, effort, vision, and a good nurturing and stimulating environment.