Professor Balthazar – An iconic Croatian cartoon

Recently, two Croatians invented a card that protects people from cell phone radiation. The invention is programmed with the right frequency that protects people from the dangerous effects of cell phone radiation. The Nesu card can be attached to phones to limit effects of cell phone radiation. This is just one among the many Croatian contributions to science.

From the parachute to double entry book keeping, to Forensics and to multiple contributions in different fields of science, Croatia is known for its essential invention and contribution to the sciences. Croatia’s great interest in the sciences has been animated and has made an icon through the animated inventor, Professor Balthazar.

Professor Balthazar is a fictional character and also is the title for the show celebrating scientific curiosity and inquiry. Watching Professor Balthazar sure is “learning while having fun”. It has combined humor, wit and science and is great to tickle young minds to think about what the professor will do.

Professor Balthazar has made extraordinary shoes, super jumpers, egg machines, miraculous cakes, self-pedaling bicycles, a flying washing machine, and a whole lot more. These inventions may be bizarre yet it simply resolves the problem humorously of course.

Zagreb, a Croatian based film studio, is responsible for making Professor Balthazar possible. The cartoon is made by the animator, Zlatko Grgić in 1967 and has aired 59 episodes until 1974.

Years after, the show has been successfully shown to different countries around the globe like Iran, Spain, France, and Italy. It was also showcased to countries like Norway, Greece, Portugal, Canada, Denmark, Zimbabwe, in the Netherlands, in Sweden, and also in the US.

Artistically, the cartoon has evolved throughout its four seasons. One of the things that make it memorable is its opening music made by Tomica Simović. There are about twenty people who made the cartoon possible some of them include Ante Zaninović, Boris Kolar, Milan Blažeković, and Zlatko Boure.

As an inventor, the show made sure that the professor although triumphs in humor will definitely have dilemmas of unresolved problems, unexpected products, and bizarre inventions. By changing a particular property of the things he created, another property is enhanced or reduced. Thus, making an invention that is queer and is super.

Scientifically, Professor Balthazar plays on Physics. Although some will be unrealistic, theoretically, remodelling things we know for a particular purpose may be a basis for looking up materials that may exemplify the needed hardness, elasticity, lightness, or strength.

The cartoon follows the scientific method too. First, Balthazar will be confronted by a problem either through himself or through somebody else. He will then hypothesize and think about what he needs. He then generates the solution from his machine. Then, He tries them. The professor also encounters mistakes and bizarre results but he often resolves the problem. If not, he may even improve on an expected resolution.

The character has been revived through CGI in 2007 and has been made an interactive game application for a mobile phone just last year. Indeed Professor Balthazar never died. After 45 years, Professor Balthazar has entertained curious minds of children and those young at heart.