How Bees See Their Way Home?

A new study was released that helps to shed light on the way honeybees find their way back to the hive. In the study it was discovered that honeybees are able to rely on landmarks as well as the position of the sun to find their way home again. Bees leave the hive in order to forage and gather food for their buzzing brethren and it was long wondered how they were able to travel back.

Professor ShaoWu Zhang led the study found and that the bees are able to recognize landmarks such as lakes and mountains to help direct them home again. His team caught bees before they entered the hive and then released the bees some distance away to see if they could get back to the hive. The bees were released in Canberra, Australia which is home to stunning landmarks like Black Mountain. It was found that the bees released in sight of familiar landmarks like Black Mountain made it back to the hive much sooner than the bees released in the opposite direction.

The team used a Radio Frequency identification tag attached to their subject bees to track when each bee reached the hive. The receiver for the tags was left at the hive in order to accurately track and detect the bees. “What took us by surprise was the bee’s ability to retain their knowledge of the landscape and directions for several days,” says Professor ShaoWu Zhang.

The new study provides an exciting discovery which allows vision scientist to further increase their knowledge about how creatures see and process information.

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