Home From The Future

Thanks to the progress made in the science industry, our homes today are truly our castles. If we choose, we can stay inside and enjoy a life filled with technological advancements and still get our exercise.

The computer, of course, is the major force behind all of our comforts. Almost all electronic products these days run off of some type of chipset and some are more advanced than others. Scientific achievements in appliances ensure that we have ice, chilled water or hot food all at the touch of a button.

The sizes of our televisions have increased as the pricing has gone down. It is easy to find the perfect high definition big screen TV at an affordable price. Or we can watch television online while we catch up with the news. Our phones can serve as computers as well, making great cameras and video recorders too. Everything can be linked with a usb port, and with the advent of VOIP technology, our landlines can go where we go.

One of the greatest areas of advancement is in the world of video game hardware. Once lambasted by many as an avenue of escape for slackers, gaming systems are taking us in the opposite direction. You can bowl from home or go jogging.

The Internet is the greatest scientific achievement of all. It can be used for many things. You can work from home. You can shop for virtually anything. You can order food and groceries too. You can keep in contact with the outside world. Or you can just chill out and watch TV. Or talk on your cell phone. Or cook a meal in ten minutes or less. The possibilities are endless.

The visions of science have turned our lives and our homes into the future we dreamed of.

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