Germany: a laboratory for green growth

Environmental pollution is one of the major concerns for both developed and developing countries. Industrialization is associated with pollution where there is emission of waste gases as well as other waste products that degrade the environment. The fight to have a pollution free environment has been quite tough and many nations have been struggling to win this fight. However Germany which is a leading industrialist nation is fighting this battle quite well by limiting the amount of pollution. Germany: a laboratory for green growth is successfully reducing both air and water pollution. Although all this effort is being made biodiversity protection, reducing carbon emission, maintaining water quality and reducing air pollution is still a challenge. This has left this country with no choice but to implement policies that will be used to curb this problem. This is because going green is not a smooth transition and requires strict laws to be enforced by the involved authority.


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Germany is struggling to maintain a clean environment. This country requires very strict environmental regulations in order to become the leading producer of environmental products as well as services. This is estimated to produce returns of up to EUR 300 billion by the year 2020. Going green will create a lot of job opportunities for many people as well as precipitate economic development to the country. Simon Upton the OECD environmental director said that the recent environmental challenges require innovative cost-effective remedies which prevent technological drawbacks. He also added that new green growth sources will play a big role towards rejuvenating the economic and financial mess in Germany. The OECD gave a report and listed several recommendations which included; designing financial support, assess the impact of environmental subsidies aiming at eliminating those that are harmful to the environment and also strengthen the environmental polices that have been put in place.

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