Earth has over 8.7 million living species

Hard-working scientists have finally been able to unlock one of the greatest enigmas of the Earth. Having gone back to the drawing board and poured through extensive research, they are now able to point out exactly how many species are living upon the planet. From the animals and insects sharing the shrinking space of the Earth’s surface with an ever-growing number of humans down to the number of creatures living in the oceans, the actual number of living species is finally beginning to be clear.

These scientists have discovered that there are a baffling 8.7 million total species, living and breathing amongst us. It should be noted that the margin of error for this estimate is set at about 1.3 million, which may seem like a large number. Just keep in mind that this figure is the most precise estimate made to date. The results of this study, including the new figures, were recently published in PLoS Biology.

Previous attempts to calculate the number of living species were also based on expert opinion, but fell short of the actual number by a significant amount. Educated guesses from scientists had listed the figure at around 3 million to almost 100 million. Obviously, being able to come up with this new figure is a landmark discovery as it puts us closer to being able to determine the true number of living species instead of simply guessing.

Discoveries such as these will soon open the door for scientists in figuring out other possible great mysteries which have been stumping experts for years. As they inch closer to unlocking more of these enigmas, these experts will begin to have a greater understanding of the true origins of the Earth. The possibilities are endless. It is feasible that they can even begin tracing back the histories of these species, finding real answers about evolution itself.

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