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Springtails support mosses in fertilization

Tiny animals are boosting moss fertilization in a significant way, by delivering the plant’s sperm. The male moss swims the sperm to the female in a unique manner, through the dew. Mites and arthropods generally improve this whole fertilization process. This is according to former researches. Little animals i.e., springtails are attracted by the sweet […]

Understanding of anesthesia in bees jet lag

One of the commonly used isoflurane anesthesia has been found to make bees have jet lag during the day. Guy Warman, a chronobiologist at the university of Auckland New Zealand reported that isoflurane anesthesia plays a role in the body rhythms as part of the biological clocks. This concept can be demonstrated by doing experiments […]

Were Prehistoric Herds of Elephants Led by Females?

Modern elephants live in matriarchal groups where females and the young are led by a female. This is after the males, having reached sexual maturity, leave the herd. Both African and Asian elephants exist in intricate matriarchal groups. This lifestyle coincides with hypotheses that 5–7 million years ago these mammals’ ancestors lived in female-led herds. […]

As temperatures run high, the timer runs out for the world’s slower moving creatures

The fate of the worlds creatures is under threat from climate change. This is a fact that is a little like stating the obvious these days, however there is now evidence to suggest that their odds of survival could now be even shorter thanks to studies into the last Ice Age. The theory, which it […]

Spiders On Drugs

In 1965 Dr. Peter Witt gave drugs to spiders and observed their effects on web building.