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Try this: Salvo

You will need Someone to play against Two copies of the target sheet. You can download the sheet here Pencils What to do Look at the target sheet. There are two grids and five types of vessel. Without your opponent seeing, draw one of each vessel anywhere on the largest grid. They can be placed […]

Play Scopa

Note: Scopa is a very old card game, and people play with different rules. If you’re playing with someone who already knows how to play, ask them about the rules they use, so you are both playing the same game. You will need A deck of cards 1–3 opponents Pencil and paper Playing a round […]

Stratified sampling

You will need Bag of smarties or other regular sized lollies in a range of colours. Two bowls Pen or pencil Paper Random sampling Pour all the smarties into one bowl. With your eyes closed, stir the bowl and then take a smartie out of the bowl and put in the other bowl. Repeat this […]

Try this: Make a rain gauge

You will need Funnel Graph paper with 1 cm squares. Download some to print out here. Pencil or pen Tall, thin jar Measuring cup or syringe. You can buy measuring syringes at a chemist. Marker Cloth tape Heavy chopping board

Try this: Spot the rice

Safety: Donate this rice to maths. Don’t eat the black grains You will need 1 kg rice Large jar, big enough to hold all the rice Electronic scales Plastic container Marker Calculator What to do Calculate the mass of a grain of rice Weigh out exactly 10 g of rice. Count the number of grains […]

Try this: Simple Simulations

You will need Bowl Black and white counters What to do In this activity, you’ll simulate how populations might change under different conditions. Each counter represents an individual in the population. Simulating a co-operative society In this society, it is important to share a characteristic. Start with 10 black and 10 white counters. Stir the […]

Moire patterns

WARNING: Looking at the patterns in this activity can make you feel unwell. If you stop looking at the patterns, you should feel better. You will need A printer that can print on clear plastic sheets Clear plastic sheets Paper What to do Print out this image onto paper. Print the same image onto a […]

Try this: How big is your target?

You will need Squash ball Jar Bucket Clean bin Stick Pen or pencil Paper What to do Find a large flat area and put the jar on the ground. Crouch down about a metre from the jar. Hold the squash ball at arm’s length. Close one eye, then look at the jar and the squash […]

Try this: Right on target

You will need Draw each circle 15 cm from the last one. Number the circles starting with the outside one and moving inwards. This throw is inside the 3, 2 and 1 circles. Try throwing while standing on one leg, or with your eyes closed. Large concrete area Chalk Hacky-sack or small bean bag for throwing […]