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Make a coin sorter

Safety: This activity uses a sharp scalpel. Younger mathematicians should ask an adult to help. You will need Corrugated cardboard Scalpel Cutting mat Sharp pencil or pen Rubber bands $2, $1 and 20c coins What to do Cut a piece of corrugated cardboard about 25 cm long and 10 cm wide. Make sure the corrugations […]

Try this:The four colour problem

You will need At least five different coloured pencils or textas A copy of a map of Europe [PDF, 133 kB] Paper The four colour problem The four colour problem is famous in mathematics. You are given a map divided up into different regions and need to colour it in, following some rules: Every region […]

Try this Make an infographic

You will need Paper Ruler Pen or pencil Colouring in pencils or textas Collecting data Write down the names of everyone who lives in your home. Write down every person’s age next to their name. Count the number of bedrooms in your home and write this down. Count the number of cars usually parked at […]

Try this: Dragon curves

You will need Several long strips of paper What to do Take a strip of paper and fold it in half end-to-end and make a crease. Open it out and then re-fold to make the crease into a right angle on the inside. Take a new strip of paper. Fold it in half and then […]

Try this Möbius zipper

Safety: This activity uses a needle. Younger mathematicians should ask an adult to help. For more information, go to the CSIRO Education safety page. You will need An open-ended zipper. If you unzip it all the way, the two sides should be completely separate. Needle Thread Scissors Pins or sticky tape What to do Make […]

Try this Heights and heart rate

This activity will allow you to use height and heart rate data to learn about correlation. This information will help you complete the CensusAtSchool 2013 questionnaire. You will need Stopwatch Tape measure Lead pencil Eraser Red and blue pens Paper Copy of the scatter plot printout At least 10 people to survey Computer with internet […]

Try this Curved origami sculpture

Safety: This activity uses a craft knife. Younger mathematicians should ask an adult to help. You will need Thin sheet of cardboard Craft knife Pencil Ruler String Pin Eraser Cutting mat What to do Carefully stick the pin through the middle of your sheet of cardboard to make a tiny hole. Mark points that are […]

Try this: Counting gears

Safety: This activity uses a craft knife. Younger mathematicians should ask an adult to help. More information can be found at the CSIRO Education Safety page. You will need 2 x A4 sheets of foam core Printout of this template Glue Scalpel or sharp craft knife Cutting mat Nails Markers

These uncertain times

You will need 2 friends 2 stopwatches that can measure hundredths of seconds Ball Metre ruler Paper Pen What to do Give each of your friends a stopwatch.Hold the ball 1 m above the ground. Make sure your friends are ready. Drop the ball, and have your friends time how long it takes for the […]

The three pillars puzzle

You will need A block of wood, about 200 mm long 1.25 mm wide solid copper wire Wire cutters Claw hammer 1.3 mm wide (metric) or 2d (imperial) nail String Scissors Hot melt glue and glue gun Ruler Pen or pencil Small, round bottle, about 40 mm wide (optional) What to do Measure and draw […]