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Taking photo allows you to look at the world in a different perspective

Taking photo allows you to look at the world in a different perspective

Most people if not all deal with mental or emotional struggles at one time or another in life. Whether its stress from work, situational depression, anxiety or full-on mental illness, it helps to spend some time to refocus and gain perspective. One effective tool of making all this happen is a good quality camera or […]

Synchronicity in Robots Achieved Using Bacterial Behavior

Keeping in sync for us, human beings is a really tough thing to execute, and this feat is even much harder for robots. This is common knowledge for us humans; we don’t need to be experts to know this fact. In more recent times, a new approach had enabled these mechanical entities–the robots–in step, which […]

Improve Tsunami warnings using GPS technology

March 2011 will forever be engraved in the memories of the people in Japan. The country was shaken by an earthquake off its coast that produced giant waves called tsunamis headed for the Japanese coastline. Tsunamis are capable of producing significant losses in life and property and the number of casualties can be unprecedented especially […]

Smallest Electric Car in the World

Researchers at Empa and their Dutch co-workers have developed the smallest electrical car in the world. The 4-wheel drive vehicle is noiseless and does not produce any harmful gases or pollutants as it travels on a copper surface on four wheels driven by electricity. It measures approximately 4 by 2 nanometers and consists of one […]

Home From The Future

Thanks to the progress made in the science industry, our homes today are truly our castles. If we choose, we can stay inside and enjoy a life filled with technological advancements and still get our exercise. The computer, of course, is the major force behind all of our comforts. Almost all electronic products these days […]