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The Relationship Between Money and Health Are Closer Than You Think

Relationship Between Money and Health

What American saying, post by Andrew: No one plans to be short on the finances. Sometimes, it just happens. Our biggest recession since The Great Depression caused millions of Americans to be out of work and unable to pay their mortgage. They were forced to drain their bank accounts and life savings – anything to […]

Zagreb School to represent Croatia at International Science Competition in Turkey

A school from Zagreb will be representing Croatia at the international science competition to be held in Turkey. The 22nd edition of the International Research Projects Competition, which is one of the best scientific high school contests in the world, is organised by MEF Educational Institution. The aim of the competition is to attract young […]

Andrija Mohorovicic

Andrija Mohorovicic was born in 1857 in Volosca and died in 1936. He studied in Prague and later taught for nine years at the Nautical School in Bakar. In 1892 was appointed director of the Meteorological Observatory in Zagreb. After a few years he taught at the University of Zagreb, and towards the end of […]

Vladimir Prelog

Vladimir Prelog – the Man Born in 1906, Vladimir worked and lived in Zurich, Zagreb and Prague. He won the chemistry Nobel Prize in 1975. As a renowned organic chemist, Vladimir worked as a lecturer in the University of Zagreb. He received high accolades for his scientific work that was published in journals and top […]

Milislav Demerec

Milislav Demerec was born in Kostajnica, Croatia and later graduated from Krizevci Agricultural College. After shortly working with the center’s experimental center, he went to America and furthered his studies gaining a genetics PhD certification from Cornell College. Demerec’s field of concentration was based on overall structure and also functions of these body parts, particularly the […]

Croatia’s contribution to medicine

Croatia located in central European covers approximately 56,590 square kilometers and is nestled at the crossroads of the Balkans, the Mediterranean and Central Europe with a population of about 4.30 million people with Zagreb as its largest city. The history of Croatia dates back to the 7th century when Croats arrived and settled in what […]

Dragutin Gorjanović-Kramberger

Dragutin Gorjanović-Kramberger was born on October 25, 1856 and died December 24, 1936 in Zagreb, Croatia. He finished his primary education in Zagreb studied paleontology in Zurich, Switzerland. Then moved to Muchen to learn from his lecturer Karl Zittel, who was well known for his expertise in the field of paleontology and anatomy. He received […]

Lavoslav Ružička – an extraordinary scientist

There is no way Lavoslav Ruzicka’s life can be described ordinarily. Not only did his chemistry discoveries earn him a Nobel Prize, they also transformed the way chemists and the world look at organic compounds. Born in 1887, Ruzicka attended a classics school with a burning desire of becoming a priest but later shifted his […]