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Brainteaser answer

It would only need to be about 6 metres longer! The rope is a circle, so we can use the circle formula to work out its length. The Earth?s radius is about 6400 000m Initially, the rope?s length is 2 x Pi x 6 400 000 After you lift the rope up one metre all […]

Science quizes – answers

Quiz 1 Its structure. Their web contains no adhesive properties but has an irregular structure that tangles insects. Copper. Hemocyanin carries the oxygen in the ‘blood’ (hemolymph) of some arthropods. It gives the blood a blue (cyan) colour. Night. Their vision is strongest in black and white, which aids in the detection of movement. About […]

Qiuz 2

Qiuz 2 In astronomy, what does the term “barycentre” refer to? All arteries carry blood away from the heart. Which arteries carry deoxygenated blood? Which of the planets in our solar system has the hottest surface temperature? If a 200 millilitre glass has a 20 gram piece of ice in it as it is filled […]

Qiuz 1

Qiuz 1 What feature of a daddy long-leg’s web traps its prey  its structure or its stickiness? The haemoglobin in our blood contains iron for capturing oxygen. Which metal does this job for the haemocyanin in insect blood? Is the Tasmanian devil’s vision more suited to the day or night? If you see a bolt […]