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The value of money

It’s clear that a one dollar coin is worth two 50 cent coins. Yet here in Australia, 50 cent coins are bigger, heavier, and made of similar metals. So why is the dollar coin worth more? The short answer is that government tells us. In Australia, there are many laws about our money. One important […]

The passing of a mathematical maverick

On 19 April 2013, a pioneer of mathematics passed away. Kenneth Appel’s most famous work involved a new and controversial way of doing mathematics – using a computer. Mathematics is based on proofs. A proof is a train of thought showing something is definitely true – or definitely false. When you read a proof and […]

Croatian micro-car to electrify mass market

Dok-Ing the Croatian engineering company behind the electric three seat micro-car have announced that they are planning on starting its mass production. They believe that these environmentally friendly low cost vehicles will be ideal for the urban commuter.

Judith Reisman in Croatia

Judith Reisman visited Croatia, we weren’t there to watch and listen to this “scientists” lecture live but we are bringing you this video from YouTube.

2012 – The end of the world?

Some people think the world is going to end this year. However, there’s no evidence to suggest the Earth will be destroyed. These people are right about one thing though – there’s something interesting that’s just about to happen, and it involves an ancient calendar. For thousands of years, the Maya ruled over an area […]

Croatian Public Sector Employees Strike on Announced Budget Cuts

Croatia’s recent austerity measures sparked a single day strike on Thursday, as thousands of nurses and teachers went on strike. This marked the first major protest action against the austerity measures taken recently in anticipation of the country’s joining the European Union in July 2013. Croatia’s credit rating was affirmed by Fitch, but the rating […]

What is FameLab?

FameLab is a talent competition run worldwide which tries to discover the best talent in the field of science communication. The participants of the competitions are each allowed three minutes in front of a panel of expert judges and they are challenged to give an inspirational talk as well as excite the public imagination by […]

The Qatar Science & Technology Park gets a visit from Croatian President

The president of the republic of Croatia, his Excellency Dr. Ivo Josipovic was yesterday on an official visit to the Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP). The president took an extensive tour of the facilities at QSTP and his visit was part of the wider tour. The president is on an official tour of the […]

Croatia and Germany, a common future within Europe

In the Conference Hall of the Croatian Chamber of Economy yesterday, His Excellency Dr. Bernd Fischer, who is an Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Croatia presented a lecture titled The Common Future of Germany and Croatia within Europe. In this lecture which was attended by senior and prominent members of diplomatic, scientific […]

Stats makes highways safer

You’d think that lowering the average speed on a road would make it safer to travel, but sometimes things aren’t that simple! A team of statisticians from Spain and Poland measured the speed of cars at many places along a highway near Madrid, Spain.They found the average speed of traffic was close to the speed […]