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Taking photo allows you to look at the world in a different perspective

Taking photo allows you to look at the world in a different perspective

Most people if not all deal with mental or emotional struggles at one time or another in life. Whether its stress from work, situational depression, anxiety or full-on mental illness, it helps to spend some time to refocus and gain perspective. One effective tool of making all this happen is a good quality camera or […]

How old is your heart rate?

Have you ever measured your heart rate? Your heart rate is the number of times your heart beats per minute. When you’re exercising, your muscles need more energy. To get more energy, oxygen is needed from the blood, so your heart rate increases to pump more blood. Regular exercise can improve your heart strength, so […]

Croatia’s contribution to medicine

Croatia located in central European covers approximately 56,590 square kilometers and is nestled at the crossroads of the Balkans, the Mediterranean and Central Europe with a population of about 4.30 million people with Zagreb as its largest city. The history of Croatia dates back to the 7th century when Croats arrived and settled in what […]

New findings about egg production in women

Recent scientific studies have suggested that the number of eggs in their ovaries at birth may be quite less. This is in sharp contrast to the belief held earlier that ovaries contain all the eggs they will ever have at birth itself. This has been confirmed through various studies including a study that was published […]

Liver Regeneration Using Lymph Nodes

Liver diseases pose a major impediment of achievement of societal wellness in the contemporary society. Prevalence of liver diseases have left liver patients with little if any chances of survival. As an ailing liver is often covered by damaged tissue, healthy tissues are prevented from their functional operations in a body. The situation is aggravated […]

Scientists Try to Match People with Organs by Outsmarting the Immune System

In 1954, surgeons were able to successfully do the first human organ transplant. After that, surgeons are faced with a problem involving this operation. This problem is where can they get more organs? Since then, medical researchers have found a way how to do transplant on the eyes, hearts, and even the entire face. But […]

Secrets of an Egyptian Mummy

Contemporary Medicine reveals Ancient Secrets The mummy of a young child has travelled the world for a number of decades and recently been the center of interest of a group of historians and medical professionals who have utilized top of the line diagnostic technology to unveil its secrets, without unveiling its wrapping or cutting into […]

Marko Kosicek on Chemistry of Love

Marko Kosicek, expert in molecular medicine, speaks about effect of human chemistry in relationship building. Marko’s presentation is imaginative and highly entertaining. Great laughing moment at the end of the video.