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The historic life of Marco De Dominis

Marco Antonio de Dominis was born in 1566 on the island of Rab, Croatia. Prior to attending the Society of Jesus, he enrolled in various education institutions such as university of Padua and the Illyrian college. De Dominis made huge strides in his education rising above the fray to become a leading mathematician. He was […]

The Vučedol Culture

Culture is part and parcel of human existence, it is defined as the way a societies way of life is passed on to the younger generation as well as preserved. Enculturation being part of the maintaining social order is quite diverse as well as social specific. Culture is dynamic hence keeps on changing as it […]

Who is Dragutin Lerman?

Dragutin Lerman was born on the 24th of August, 1863 and died on the 12th of July, 1918. He was born in Požega, Slavonia. Growing up with a big family, he had to take care of himself and ended his first junior high school to study at Karlovac where he continued his school while working. […]

Shopping like an ancient Egyptiane

Go into a supermarket today and you’ll find milk in litres and flour in kilograms. But how did ancient Egyptians measure their groceries, thousands of years before kilograms were invented? Egyptologists have been piecing together this puzzle for many years. Some of the earliest clues found were measuring rods, made of stone. These rods were […]

Understanding the Real Cause of Ancient Global Warming

At 55 million years to the present, the world suddenly turned warm by a blazing 5 degrees centigrade. This caused oceans to become acidic and the extinction of life was almost evident. This problem was called the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM). This was the time that nature changed and it happened to be a fore […]

Human Migration

A group of human beings before 100,000 years gazed at the Arabian Peninsula standing on the shore of Red Sea on its western side. Since Arabian Peninsula was verdant, it tempted them to cross. Whether they crossed or not is made clear with the new analysis which showed that they crossed since tools made of […]

Secrets of an Egyptian Mummy

Contemporary Medicine reveals Ancient Secrets The mummy of a young child has travelled the world for a number of decades and recently been the center of interest of a group of historians and medical professionals who have utilized top of the line diagnostic technology to unveil its secrets, without unveiling its wrapping or cutting into […]