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Paleolithic ceramics discovered in Croatia

Ceramic artifacts believed to have been made during the last Ice age have been found in Croatia. This discovery puts in doubt current ceramic histories. According to most historians, early man began developing ceramic art in the Neolithic era around ten millennia ago. The discovery of these artefacts has caused researchers and historians alike to […]

Can dogs feel what we feel?

Have you tried yawning next to your dog? Have you noticed your little pal yawning after you did? Yes, yawning is a contagious behavior but not all species in the animal kingdom gets affected with it. However, dogs are an exception, just like the gelada baboons, stump-tail macaques, and chimpanzees that also yawn. In fact, […]

‘Hot hand’ not so hot

Many basketball fans believe in a ‘hot hand’, where a player has a really great game, and they are likely to make every shot they try for. Researchers from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem decided to investigate this ‘hot hand’ idea. In basketball, you get more points if you shoot for the hoop from far […]

Deteriorating Ability of USA’s Earth observation

A report released by the US National Academies shows that scientist ability to observe the climate changes, natural hazards, and the general earth surface has tremendously reduced. The national research council has attributed this to slow replacement process of aging satellites that their functionality is wanting. This is awake up call that if not checked […]

Nanopore DNA sequencing

There has been a constant rise in the number of technologies trying to determine the precise order of nucleotide bases that make the DNA. One of these inventions is the nanopore sequencing method. This new invention has taken a center stage in the research world for solving one of the greatest science puzzles of biology. […]

Baboons Can Learn Words Like Humans

Learning how to identify, spell and write words is a common reserve for humans who relay on books. However, baboons have proved themselves capable of not only distinguishing between words and non-words, but also identifying similar words.According to Jonathan Grainger who works as a psychologist at the University of Aix-Marseille,the ability of baboons to identify […]

Mercury’s iron heart is bigger than previously thought

Pluto’s relegation to dwarf planet category led Mars on assuming the role of the smallest globe in the solar system. However, recent studies concerning the composition of the planet could bring Mars the impressive title of „Iron Planet”. The cooperation between scientists on the Messenger mission orbiting Mercury and the terrestrial-based ones led to discovering […]