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Habitable Zone Conditions – Tidal Effects Modify Previous Concept

Nothing is more compelling than the unknown. It propels you to go further beyond your limits and defy expectations. Scientists have always been in a continuous search of extraterrestrial life forms of planets that fall within the habitable zone. Extra solar planets – or what is coined as exoplanets were discovered in 1995 which are […]

How long is a river?

Does it seem simple to measure the length of a river? Could you grab a tape measure and run it from the start of the river to the end? The trouble with this method is that rivers don’t go in straight lines – they bend. On flat ground, rivers often curve and form wide bends […]

Atlantic Ocean currents were faster at the last Ice Age compared to now

New information has revealed that contrary to long-held beliefs, the movements of heat currents in oceans were much stronger then than today. International researchers at Heidelberg University, led by their renowned environmental physicists, made the startling discovery. The researchers used super-accurate methodologies to precisely measure radionuclides in sea sediments. This revealed the ocean’s current power […]

Breakthrough developments in harnessing Solar energy

Unabated increase in energy consumption with major reliance on burning fossil fuels is nothing but a ticking time bomb with imminent disasters of climate change, increase in oceanic levels and polluted atmosphere beyond safety levels. Efforts to develop new renewable energy sources like solar cells and wind power have helped a little but can not […]