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Importance of Body Language

Body Language

Many people rely on body language to determine whether or not a person is telling the truth, or to figure out how to take something ambiguous that someone tells them. Most people subconsciously give away a lot about what they are thinking and feeling through their body language. For example, people who play poker look […]

How to find a giant prime number

Recently, mathematicians used computers to find the largest prime yet. It’s really big – it has over 17 million digits. If you printed it out in books, it would be roughly three times longer than all the Harry Potter books combined. To make the number simpler to communicate, mathematicians have a different way of writing […]

Seeing the errors of our ways

If you read scientific reports closely, you will come across words such as error and uncertainty. What do they mean? If a teacher tells you that you made an error on a test, then you got something wrong. In everyday language, that’s what error often means – a mistake. In science, the word error means […]

A look at the research situation in Croatia

Croatia has quite a number of institutions of higher learning. The country has Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Osijek and Pula as its seven public universities, an astounding 30 polytechnics (private and public) and 6 centres of technology. The public institutes in the country add up to a total of 25. Of all the mentioned […]

The Ruđer Bošković Institute: One of Leaders in Scientific Institution

The Ruđer Bošković Institute is referred to as the leading institute of biomedical and natural sciences. It also deals with environmental and marine researches. It is considered as one of the leaders among the institutes in Croatia due to its international reputation, quality of personnel and faculty, size and scientific productivity. It is one of […]

Professor Balthazar – An iconic Croatian cartoon

Recently, two Croatians invented a card that protects people from cell phone radiation. The invention is programmed with the right frequency that protects people from the dangerous effects of cell phone radiation. The Nesu card can be attached to phones to limit effects of cell phone radiation. This is just one among the many Croatian […]

Valuable Inputs to Bridge the Gap between Science and Children

Academic performance of the American youth has been reflected through a report generated by National Assessment of Educational Progress since 1969. Perhaps, it has defined a genuine relationship between science and children. Assessing the capability of each pupil is possible only when several factors are taken into consideration in a simultaneous manner. Providing computer tasks […]

Beautiful Science Project by British Council

Beautiful Science is a three part British Council project in ten countries bringing together scientists from Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Israel, Romania, Serbia, Turkey and the UK.