Taking photo allows you to look at the world in a different perspective

Taking photo allows you to look at the world in a different perspective

Most people if not all deal with mental or emotional struggles at one time or another in life. Whether its stress from work, situational depression, anxiety or full-on mental illness, it helps to spend some time to refocus and gain perspective. One effective tool of making all this happen is a good quality camera or simply that smartphone that is just right in your pocket.

It’s a proven fact that creativity and art therapy are valuable tools for emotional wellness. You don’t need a teacher to learn how to take photos. However, you can perfect this talent as you enjoy relieving yourself from depression. Today, modern technology provides easy-to-use options including automatic modes on point shoot cameras, digital single-lens reflex cameras and even camera phones. Taking photo allows you to look at the world in a different perspective. It enables you appreciate the wonders of mother nature and changes your day from a negative to positive. To some, it’s the time to usher in a moment of calm.


The Relationship Between Money and Health Are Closer Than You Think

Relationship Between Money and Health

What American saying, post by Andrew:

No one plans to be short on the finances. Sometimes, it just happens. Our biggest recession since The Great Depression caused millions of Americans to be out of work and unable to pay their mortgage. They were forced to drain their bank accounts and life savings – anything to keep the family fed and under a roof. As their money depleted, so did their health.

This unfortunate time in American history caused many people to show signs of mental illness that sometimes led to suicide. Many more suffered from “Recession Depression”. They lived in fear of losing everything they had ever worked for. And for some, those fears turned into reality, which caused them to go into deeper depression.

Importance of Body Language

Body Language

Many people rely on body language to determine whether or not a person is telling the truth, or to figure out how to take something ambiguous that someone tells them. Most people subconsciously give away a lot about what they are thinking and feeling through their body language. For example, people who play poker look for the “tells” of other people, since when people bluff they often unconsciously give some type of sign through body language. Learning about body language can help you better interpret what others tell you, while avoiding giving off mixed signals yourself.

Wall Art

Wall Art provides additional dimensions to any home or business. Whether the application is for a café, a restaurant, a hotel, a home, an office or a school; wall art conveys emotion and depth that cannot be captured in any other way. They can add an air of sophistication and excellence with a classic or modern look to a home or office. Mywhitewalls has a wide selection of canvas wall art that is sure to provide the right look and feel that will provide the perfect accent to any room. There is a great variety of sizes and colors that can bring life to the decor of any living space or professional environment.

Make a coin sorter


Hold one end of the cardboard up and roll a coin down the groove. Which hole does it fall through?

Safety: This activity uses a sharp scalpel. Younger mathematicians should ask an adult to help.

You will need

  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Scalpel
  • Cutting mat
  • Sharp pencil or pen
  • Rubber bands
  • $2, $1 and 20c coins

What to do

  1. Cut a piece of corrugated cardboard about 25 cm long and 10 cm wide. Make sure the corrugations are running along the length of your rectangle.
  2. Fold the long side of the cardboard, about 2 cm from edge. Then make another fold about half a centimetre further in from that fold.
  3. Put rubber bands around the cardboard to hold the folds. If you look at the cardboard from the side, it will be in a j shape that creates a groove for the coins to sit in. Put some coins in the folded cardboard and tilt it. The coins should roll freely along the groove.

The value of money

pennyIt’s clear that a one dollar coin is worth two 50 cent coins. Yet here in Australia, 50 cent coins are bigger, heavier, and made of similar metals. So why is the dollar coin worth more?

The short answer is that government tells us. In Australia, there are many laws about our money. One important law in this country states that Australian money must be accepted as a method of payment. These laws make sure that a one dollar coin is worth one dollar. But this isn’t the only way that money can be valued.

Habitable Zone Conditions – Tidal Effects Modify Previous Concept

planetNothing is more compelling than the unknown. It propels you to go further beyond your limits and defy expectations. Scientists have always been in a continuous search of extraterrestrial life forms of planets that fall within the habitable zone. Extra solar planets – or what is coined as exoplanets were discovered in 1995 which are found to be just outside our solar system. These planets are found to be within range of the sun in which the temperature conditions of the planets’ surface can accommodate liquid water. Water is said to be the main core of life. It is a basic necessity that which sustains life in myriad of forms – which is in fact a tell-tale sign that there might be life present in these planets and it is more so, conducive for life to prosper in such conditions. Researchers are able to verify a planet’s temperature by checking its distance to the central star as well as the planet’s atmospheric components. But now, the recent study of Heller and colleagues on the tidal waves in these earth-like planets which are triggered by low-mass stars will change the conventional concept of what should be considered as a habitable zone.

Try this:The four colour problem

fourcolour3You will need

  • At least five different coloured pencils or textas
  • A copy of a map of Europe [PDF, 133 kB]
  • Paper

The four colour problem

The four colour problem is famous in mathematics. You are given a map divided up into different regions and need to colour it in, following some rules:

  • Every region needs to be coloured in a single colour.
  • Two regions that share an edge must be coloured different colours. Two regions that only meet at a corner can be coloured the same colour.
  • You must use as few colours as possible.

The passing of a mathematical maverick

Kenneth AppelOn 19 April 2013, a pioneer of mathematics passed away. Kenneth Appel’s most famous work involved a new and controversial way of doing mathematics – using a computer.

Mathematics is based on proofs. A proof is a train of thought showing something is definitely true – or definitely false. When you read a proof and understand it, you’ll know the author’s reasoning, and see why they are correct.

The historic life of Marco De Dominis

Marco De DominisMarco Antonio de Dominis was born in 1566 on the island of Rab, Croatia. Prior to attending the Society of Jesus, he enrolled in various education institutions such as university of Padua and the Illyrian college. De Dominis made huge strides in his education rising above the fray to become a leading mathematician. He was simply iconic in everything he ventured in especially in mathematics, theology and science.

Even though his education at Loreto was marked with controversies because of his involvement with the Jesuits, De Dominis overcame his challenges to become a mathematics teacher at Padua and Brescia. His continuous commitment also saw him being employed as a professor of mathematics and rhetoric at Padua and Brescia respectively.

The Vučedol Culture

Vučedol culture artifacts Culture is part and parcel of human existence, it is defined as the way a societies way of life is passed on to the younger generation as well as preserved. Enculturation being part of the maintaining social order is quite diverse as well as social specific. Culture is dynamic hence keeps on changing as it is influenced by social, economic, political, natural and environmental aspects. Culture or civilization is what defines a society; it is the pedestal that enables the society to see the world and also the periscope to which the other communities view it. Throughout human civilization culture has been seen to be ethnocentric and egoistic since it if fully embodied and embraced by a society and is revered and held in high esteem and very close to the heart thus to lose culture is termed as an anomie or even an abomination. Civilizations are born, develop and also die due to absorption or domination.